OPCW Director hopes aid offered to Syria sufficient
OPCW Director hopes aid offered to Syria sufficient
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Director-General of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) "Ahmet Zumcu" hoped that the aid offered by Russia and other states to Syria to transport the chemical weapons and eliminating them would be sufficient though some countries have prevented from presenting support for this process.

Uzumcu said in a speech to Russia Today TV that "the Syrian government has asked some help.. Russia and other countries have offered logistic, serious aid and a financial assistance in addition to a number of equipment to carry out the plan" .

He added that a tangible progress has been achieved till now in the process of eliminating the Syrian chemical weapons, affirming that during a short time "we have destroyed poisonous materials and dismantled the work of factories and specified all chemical munitions to be transported to outside Syria".

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