FBI assists Lebanon probing Shatah's assassination
FBI assists Lebanon probing Shatah's assassination

Lebanese acting State Prosecutor "Samir Hammoud" said that team from the U.S Federal Bureau of Investigation has assisted Lebanese authorities in the ongoing investigation into last week’s assassination of former Minister Mohammad Shatah, Tuesday.

Hammoud said “Lebanese authorities had agreed to allow the FBI to provide technical assistance for the investigation after the bureau expressed desire to do so”, adding that the FBI team arrived to Beirut late Sunday, inspected the explosion site in Downtown Beirut, collected evidence and submitted a summary of its work to the Internal Security Forces, the agency tasked with the investigation .

He claimed “the Lebanese authorities welcome any international assistance that could help reveal the facts and the perpetrators behind the crime and other crimes, but the investigation remains the sole responsibility of Lebanese judicial and security agencies.

The team is set to leave Beirut Tuesday night.

A car bomb ripped through a bustling, commercial street in the capital’s central district on Dec. 27, killing former minister "Mohammad Shatah" Tuesday and seven others.

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