"Keep War Away from Us".. Syrian children's artistic call
"Keep War Away from Us".. Syrian children's artistic call
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War fire could not silence their throats or stop their small hands, school students expressed their adherence to hope of a better future through participating in the event "Keep War Away from us" held in the Damascus-based the Opera House.

The event taken place on Sunday in cooperation between Ministries of Education and Culture is a children's initiative for calling upon the world to stop the war of terrorism waged against their country, which has reached a systematic targeting of schools.

The event included an exhibition of paintings and photos of school students who expressed their hopes and sorrow as messages to the relevant sides in the state for affirming their role in defending them, as well as the international organizations.

"Keep War Away from Un" event also included a documentary on the damaged schools, containing images and statistics provided by Ministries of Education and Culture and Syrian Commission for Family Affairs.

Education Minister "Hazwan al-Wazz", said that all government bodies are working to confront repercussions of terrorism committed by armed groups against children, pointing out that a full file has been set to expose the damages of the education sector despite some turbulent, hard-to-reach areas.

The Minister clarified "we havn't come only to alleviate children's sorrow, but also to contribute to pushing the educational development operation forward".

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