Lebanese's Sleiman announces $3B Saudi grant for Army
Lebanese's Sleiman announces $3B Saudi grant for Army

Lebanese President "Michel Sleiman" said Saudi Arabia has pledged $3 billion to buy arms for the Lebanese Army from France, describing it as the biggest grant ever for the military in Lebanon’s history.

He said in a televised speech “I am happy to tell the Lebanese people the Saudi monarch will give $3 billion in aid to bolster the Army’s capabilities”, adding “the Saudi grant will allow the Lebanese Army to purchase weapons from France” .

Sleiman didn't provide any further details, but said French President "Francois Hollande" was to discuss the matter during his visit Sunday to Saudi Arabia.

Hollande said his country would "meet" any requests from Lebanon.

In his speech, Sleiman thanked the Saudi monarch, saying: "after decades of unsuccessful efforts with no tangible results, I was able through contacts with King Abdullah to provide the Lebanese Army with this exceptional grant".

Noting that Lebanon was threatened with "a sectarian conflict and extremism” due to the fallout of the war in Syria, he stressed that boosting the Army’s capabilities had become "a collective national and popular demand and a source of pride". He said the funds would be used to buy arms from France, pointing to "historical ties that link it to Lebanon and the depth of the two countries’ military cooperation".

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