Al-Muallem : Syria committed to Iran attendance in "Geneva-2"
Al-Muallem : Syria committed to Iran attendance in "Geneva-2"
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Syrian Foreign Minister "Walid al-Muallem" said that Syria is committed to its key regional ally Iran attending a planned peace conference next month to which it has yet to be invited , adding "It is illogical that the United States or the so-called opposition exclude this country from the conference for political reasons."

Iran does not figure on a list named by global peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi in Geneva on December 20 for the January 22 conference dubbed "Geneva-2".

Brahimi told reporters after talks with U.S and Russian officials "on Iran, we haven't agreed yet" ,adding  "It's no secret that we in the United Nations welcome the participation of Iran, but our partners in the United States are still not convinced that Iran's participation would be the right thing" .

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