Israel fires barrage of rockets into Lebanon
Israel fires barrage of rockets into Lebanon

Israeli military fired a barrage of 107-millimeter Katyusha rockets into Lebanon in retaliation to two rocket attacks fired from across the border earlier in the day.

At least 20 rockets targeted the Sharda Valley and surrounding areas in Wazzani, causing only material damage.

The Israeli military said Lebanese rockets landed near the town of Kiryat Shmona and that it responded with artillery fire.

UNIFIL Spokesperson "Andrea Tenenti" said the peacekeeping force was following up the issue on the ground and that commander Maj. Gen. Paolo Serra was in contact with both sides.

In August, a similar rocket attack from Lebanese territory into Israel was also met with swift retaliation from the Israeli air force. The Lebanese Army arrested two suspects who confessed they had transferred the rockets from the West Bekaa village of Gaza and delivered them to a man in the southern town of Tyre.

Tensions also ran high on the Lebanese-Israeli border when a Lebanese soldier shot and killed an Israeli soldier on Dec. 15. The Army said the incident was an individual act.

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