OPCW : Removal of chemical weapons  from Syria delayed
OPCW : Removal of chemical weapons from Syria delayed
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The global chemical arms watchdog said that the removal of chemical materials from Syria will likely miss a Dec. 31 deadline.

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) said that bad weather and shifting battlefronts in Syria have delayed the delivery of essential supplies to sites where the toxins are being prepared to be sent to Latakia port,

The OPCW's logistics head "Franz Krawinkler" told Austrian ORF state television that "a delay will probably occur because of various external influences, including the weather... certain logistical supplies that are needed for this transport, could not be delivered in time".

A Russian diplomat was also quoted as saying on Friday that the deadline would be missed because the toxins that can be used to make sarin, VX gas and other materials still faced a potentially hazardous trip to the port of Latakia.

Russia's RIA news agency quoted Mikhail Ulyanov saying that "the removal hasn't yet begun .

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