Kerry to Mideast next week for peace talks
Kerry to Mideast next week for peace talks

A Palestinian official said that U.S Secretary of State "John Kerry" will return to the Middle East next week for talks with Palestinian and Israeli officials on the peace process.

The official told AFP on condition of anonymity "Mr Kerry has told the Palestinian Authority he will return to the region on January 4 to discuss the peace process and negotiations with Israel".

 According to a well-informed Palestinian source, the US chief diplomat plans to stay in the Middle East for a "number of days" in what would be his 10th visit to the region since March.

Kerry, who helped to launch nine-month direct talks between the two sides in July, insisted this month that concrete progress had been made in the peace talks.

He said in an interview with ABC television "I'm personally encouraged that very tough issues are beginning to take shape . But we've agreed not to be talking about what we're doing because it just creates great expectations. It creates pressure. It creates opposition" , adding "I think it's much better for us to do exactly what we've been doing, which is negotiate quietly and privately".

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