Turkish riot police clash with demonstrators
Turkish riot police clash with demonstrators

Turkish riot police blasted opposition protesters with water cannons, tear gas and plastic bullets in Istanbul today .

Some of the protesters threw rocks and firecrackers at police, shouting, "Catch the thief!" in reference to a widening corruption scandal gripping Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdodan's government.

Similar protests were held in Ankara and the city of Izmir, but there were no immediate reports of violence. Meanwhile thousands of Erdodan backers gathered at other spots showing their support for the embattled Erdogan.

A Turkish high court on Friday blocked the government from changing the rules on how corruption investigations are initiated, dealing another blow to Erdodan's government.

Twenty-four people, including the sons of two former government ministers and the head of the state-owned financial institution, Halkbank, have been arrested on bribery charges.

Erdodan was forced to reshuffle his government this week after the three ministers, whose sons were detained for questioning as part of the corruption and bribery probe, resigned. Erdogan says the probe is part of a wider conspiracy aimed at bringing his government down.


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