Experts agree naval plan for disarming Syrian chemical weapons
Experts agree naval plan for disarming Syrian chemical weapons
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Russia said that international experts have agreed a plan for shipping Syria's most dangerous chemical weapons to Italy for their eventual destruction aboard a U.S ship.

Moscow hosted talks between representatives of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and disarmament specialists from countries including Syria and the United States aimed at finalising a plan for removing country's chemical arms.

A top Russian negotiator said Friday's talks in Moscow resulted in general agreement about how the arsenal can be shipped out from Syria's Latakia port via Italy to the specially-equipped U.S. ship Cape Ray.

"Everything went well", ITAR-TASS quoted the Russian foreign ministry's security and disarmament department head "Mikhail Ulyanov" as saying, adding that "we reached an understanding about how we are going to cooperate in Syrian territorial waters during the process of moving the chemicals from the port of Latakia to international waters".

The most hazardous materials still remain scattered around 12 sites in Syria and the international effort will most likely fail to meet its deadline of removing these Category One agents by the end of the month.

Russia this month air-lifted 75 vehicles and other equipment to Syria to help move the agents to the country's main port.

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