Zarifr : Only the Syrian people decide their future and destiny
Zarifr : Only the Syrian people decide their future and destiny
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Iranian Foreign Minister "Mohammad Javad Zarifr" renewed his country's stance on calling for finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria.

In a press conference held with his Italian counterpart "Emma Bonino" , Zarif stressed that only the Syrian people are those to decide their future and destiny, as others could help them to reach this goal but not to decide on their behalf.

Zarif added that Iran expressed readiness to participate in all efforts for reaching a political solution in Syria, pointing out that his country could play an affective role as it has repetitively announced.

"We think that the viewpoint that blocks Iran's constructive role is unrealistic and it will not help solve the crisis because it is unilaterally-based, which is wrong," Zarif said.

He pointed out "Those who adopt that viewpoint are affected by some political stances or pressures, which are not based on positive factors regarding work to solve the crisis in Syria and they do not want the crisis to reach an end.

The Iranian Foreign Minister clarified that his country's work regarding the crisis in Syria focuses on political efforts and talks for putting an end to violence in Syria, adding that if Iran receives an invitation to attend the international "Geneva-2" conference on the basis of a realistic viewpoint regarding the crisis, it will participate.

For her part, the Italian Foreign Minister stressed that Iran can play a pivotal role in finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria, and there must be a way for seeing Iran's constructive role within the upcoming days.
Bonino added that Iran should play a major and important role in finding solutions to all the region's issues and crises.

She clarified that all countries which have an influence on solving the crisis in Syria should participate in the international conference on Syria in Geneva for halting violence and shouldering their responsibilities based on that, stressing the importance of Iran's positive attendance in the conference.

Iran has announced repetitively its readiness for participating in "Geneva-2" without preconditions if it receives an invitation.

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