Syria PM : Lebanon partly blamed for Syrian crisis
Syria PM : Lebanon partly blamed for Syrian crisis
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Syrian Prime Minister "Wael al-Halki" said in remarks published today that the Lebanese government is partly to blame for the crisis in neighboring Syria.

Halki told Al-Akhbar daily newspaper “the Lebanese government has interfered in Syrian internal affairs . there is a part of what Syria went through that the Lebanese government’s policy is to blame for”, adding the Lebanese government hadn't  abided by its own self-disassociation policy and accused it of facilitating the infiltration of arms and militants into Syria.

He said that Hezbollah helped regain control of the situation along the border of the two countries and end infiltration, stressing that Terrorist activity would still be ongoing had it not been for Hezbollah’s presence on either side of the Lebanese-Syrian border, especially Syria's al-Qusair.

The official said that contacts between the Syrian and Lebanese governments are nonexistent, noting that "there has been no contact with the Lebanese government ever since I became prime minster".

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