Brahimi holds talks paving the way to "Geneva-2"
Brahimi holds talks paving the way to "Geneva-2"
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U.N envoy to Syria "Lakhdar Brahimi" held fresh talks today to pave the way to a January peace conference .

Brahimi and senior U.S and Russian officials met behind closed doors at the United Nations in Geneva, then held broader talks with fellow UN Security Council permanent members Britain, China and France, before sitting down with envoys from Syria's neighbours Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

The veteran mediator's intensive shuttle diplomacy between Geneva, the Middle East and the capitals of world powers last month helped finally set January 22 as the start date for talks in Switzerland.

On Thursday, he had underscored that the Syrians themselves would have to drive the talks, noticing "there's a necessity for national ownership of this process".

The negotiations involving the two Syrian delegations and Brahimi will continue at the U.N in Geneva on January 24 but it remains undecided how long they will last.

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