Al-Qaeda's Jawlani rejects any results from "Geneva-2"
Al-Qaeda's Jawlani rejects any results from "Geneva-2"
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Al-Qaeda's branch in Syria won't accept any results that come from peace talks next month to end the civil war, its chief said in an Al-Jazeera television interview to be aired Thursday.

Jazeera's website quoted the head of al-Nusra Front "Abu Mohammed al-Jawlani" , as saying "We won't recognise any results that come out of the Geneva-2 conference".

In an apparent reference to the opposition Coalition, he said "those taking part in the conference don't represent the people who sacrificed", wondering "besides, who has authorised them to represent the people?"

In what is billed as Jawlani's first television interview, Al-Jazeera said the man asked that his face not be shown.

Al-Nusra, formed in January 2012, joined al-Qaeda last December on a U.S list of foreign terrorist organizations. It and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant are the most powerful jihadist groups fighting in Syria .

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