U.S might meet The Islamic Front
U.S might meet The Islamic Front
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U.S Secretary of State “John Kerry” said today "it is possible" the United States would meet with a newly formed Syrian militant alliance that wants to replace the regime with an Islamic state , adding "the United States hasn’t met yet to date with the Islamic Front. There hasn’t been a discussion. But It's possible that it could take place”.   

Media reports said that U.S officials were preparing to meet this week in Turkey with the Islamic Front which consist of Six opposition groups representing Syria's largest armed opposition group . Last week, the Front overran the northern headquarters and two warehouses belonging to the US-backed al-Hr militia, causing Washington to cut off non-lethal aid to the military opposition in the north.

In Washington, State Department deputy spokeswoman “Marie Harf “said earlier that if a meeting with the Front did take place, the United States would expect the return of its stolen non-lethal assistance.

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