Kerry, Zarif discussed the new American sanctions on Iran
Kerry, Zarif discussed the new American sanctions on Iran

A U.S official said that American and Iranian foreign ministers “John Kerry and Mohammad Javad Zarif” discussed during a phone call the importance of carrying out the Nov. 24 Iran nuclear deal after Washington blacklisted 19 companies, people and vessels for dealing with Tehran, adding “they discussed the importance of moving forward on carrying out the agreement and of maintaining a constructive atmosphere as the negotiations continue ” .

The U.S. sanctions, imposed under existing U.S law, Under the Nov. 24 agreement, the United States committed not to impose new sanctions on Iran. U.S. officials said they had not violated the deal in blacklisting the companies, vessels and individuals under existing law and that their commitment under the deal referred to not imposing sanctions under new laws .

The U.S. State Department said it told Iranian negotiators during talks before the deal that it would enforce existing sanctions laws and gave Iranian officials a general advance warning about last week’s blacklisting action.

However , some Iranian officials argued that the United States had violated the spirit of the deal, which is designed to provide time to try to negotiate a comprehensive agreement.

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