U.N sends its first direct aid airlifts to Syria from Iraq
U.N sends its first direct aid airlifts to Syria from Iraq
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The United Nations sent its first delivery of humanitarian aid by air to Syria from Iraq Sunday and said it planned to deliver more food and winter supplies to the northeast governerates in the next 12 days. The first cargo plane carrying food took off from Irbil in Iraq’s northern Kurdistan region and made a one-hour flight to Hassakeh governorate in Syria, which has had no significant aid deliveries since May.

The U.N said two planes were contracted to do 23 rotations over the next 10 days. The aid includes 10 planeloads of food, enough to feed more than 6,000 Syrian families for the rest of December, as they endure the third winter of the conflict.

UNICEF regional director for the Middle East and North Africa "Maria Calivis" said  "these airlifts will help ensure they have access to safe water and health care through the tough winter months ahead".

The airlifts were delayed from last week because of a storm which swept Syria and Lebanon, bringing with it high winds and freezing temperatures. Cold, dry winds whipped the Tarmac at Irbil airport before takeoff.

The United Nations also plans to send 300 tons of relief items such as blankets, sleeping mats and kitchen sets to support 60,000 displaced people.

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