Nordic warships in Cyprus for Syria chemical mission
Nordic warships in Cyprus for Syria chemical mission
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Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons set a road map to destroy Syrian chemical arsenal  , declaring that a Danish and a Norwegian frigate are anchored in the Cypriot port of Limassol awaiting orders to sail for Syria and collect part of Syrian chemical arsenal. When the call comes, they will escort two cargo ships – one from each country – to Syria’s Latakia, where they will take on chemical materials .Under the plan, the ships must leave Syria before Dec. 31.

Washington has agreed to help destroy the chemicals once they are on board a U.S. ship in international waters, but the task force in Limassol is still unsure how the chemicals will be transferred.

Skipper of the Norwegian warship Commander "Per Rostad"  acknowledged the task would be a difficult one, stressing that "the transport of chemical materials on this scale is historic" , adding that the task force was "well trained and well prepared".

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