United States considers imposing sanctions on Ukraine
United States considers imposing sanctions on Ukraine

U.S state department said it is considering all options, including sanctions, towards Ukraine as the political crisis there continues. It follows attempts by riot police to dislodge anti-government protesters from their strongholds in the capital.

The weeks of demonstrations in the center of Kiev have paralyzed this country of 46 million people.

Both EU foreign policy chief " Catherine Ashton " and U.S Assistant Secretary of State " Victoria Nuland " were in Kiev on Wednesday and met protesters as well as members of President Victor Yanukovych's government.

American State department spokesperson " Jen Psaki "said that "w are considering policy options... sanctions are included but I am not going to outline specifics " , adding " there is a range of options that we are open to, but we are not at that point at this stage " .

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