Greek Orthodox Patriarchate: Kidnappers of nuns contacted  "Yazigi"
Greek Orthodox Patriarchate: Kidnappers of nuns contacted "Yazigi"
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Informed sources in the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate told " Asia " Vatican news agency that it doesn't has any new news about the thirteen nuns and the three orphans who were abducted in " Maloula " village north of Damascus , adding that " since the direct contact from the kidnappers with the patriarch " John X Yazigi " a few days after the abduction , we haven't received any contact from them , and most of their news we read on the internet like the rest of the world such as the video published by Al-Jazeera channel  " .


The source concluded saying that " we don't have any direct confirmation about the real situation of the nuns, or about the reasons behind their abduction . We consider the video posted on the Internet  isn't trusted and that there is a need to check it  ".

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