Syrian refugees in Lebanon  … Victims of policy and weather
Syrian refugees in Lebanon … Victims of policy and weather
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Thousands of Syrian refugees living in makeshift camps in Lebanon suffered from a winter storm on Wednesday that caused snow, rain and freezing temperatures to the country. In Ersal, temperatures hovered just above zero degrees Celsius, and the forecast predicted between 7.6 and 13 centimeters of snow and night time temperatures of minus four degrees.

The U.N refugee agency “ UNHCR “ has worked in recent days with the Lebanese army, to distribute winter supplies including thermal blankets and money for heaters.

But despite the efforts, UNHCR spokeswoman “ Lisa Abu Khaled “ said that there were concerns for thousands of people living in more than 200 informal camps in central and north Lebanon, adding ” we are worried, because it is really cold in the Bekaa region, and we're extremely worried about the refugees living in makeshift shelters, because many are really substandard " .

It’s worth mentioning that during the past few months, more than 20,000 new refugees have arrived in the Ersal region, overwhelming the small town.


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