U.S halts non-lethal aid to Syrian opposition
U.S halts non-lethal aid to Syrian opposition
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United States decided to cut off its non-lethal aid to the Syrian moderate militant groups in northern Syria , after the latest developments in which al-Qaeda advanced in northern Syria.

Reprter of Hurriyet’s Turkish newspaper "  Tolga Tanış " reported that the Obama administration commenced its ‘disengagement’ from Syria on Oct. 2, laying out three conditions to the moderate oppositions to resume the American aid.

A joint American -Russia plan on the Syrian chemical disarmament and clashes between the Western-Arab-backed al-Hr militia and al-Qaeda-linked militants known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant , lead to halting aid to the militants . Turkey closed its border gates on 18th Sept amid al-Qaeda advancement and the U.S stopped a batch of non-lethal aid to moderate opposition.

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