Zoubi: Syrian delegation to Geneva- 2 mandated from President al-Assad
Zoubi: Syrian delegation to Geneva- 2 mandated from President al-Assad
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Syrian Information Minister " Omran Zoubi " said that the American plan or the so-called Arab Spring in the whole region had failed with his supporters , stressing that Syria 's enemies aren't able to repeat the Somali or Afghan scenario in Syria .


Zoubi said in an interview with " al-Mayadden" Channel that Syria , Iraq and Lebanon suffer from the same barbaric terrorism , so we need to cooperate in defending our countries in the face of terrorism .


Minister of Information said that many Western countries have started to recommunicate with the Syrian government and the competent bodies to coordinate countering-terrorism , because they become aware of the dangerous situation in Syria.


Zoubi added that " we're going to Geneva to negotiate the Syrians not the Saudis, there are some subordinated opposition  attached to foreign intelligence agencies , so their agendas don't represent the Syrian people  ".


He stressed that " If anyone thinks that we are going to Geneva-2 to hand over the power , there is no need for him to go , and if anyone believes that the delegation coming to Geneva- 2 carries a mandate from another person than  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad , he is mistaken . The decision is made by President Assad , he is the leader of the transitional period if we have reached it , he is the commander of Syria and the resistance in the region and he will remain the Syrian president ".

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