The Syrian chemical will be shipped from Latakia port
The Syrian chemical will be shipped from Latakia port
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U.N Secretary- General " Ban Ki-moon" in a letter to the Security Council on 3th December , said that the UN and the Organization of chemical disarmament's experts approved using the port of Latakia to deport the toxic substances from Syria in order to destroy them later .

Ki-moon said that " the joint mission considers this port has all the required capabilities for charging and deporting the toxic substances and its security condition is conducive to deploy the mission's staffs " , adding that the mission is currently setting up a temporary operational base in Latakia to check the chemicals before deporting them .


The Secretary-General noted that the containers of toxic substances might be repackaged  then transported by sea and for this purpose " special packaging materials " arrived in Lebanon and they will be soon in Syria . He said that a number of countries announced their readiness to provide customized ships for transporting the toxic substances to the destruction place . 

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