Washington Post : ِAl-Qaeda is becoming more powerful in Syria
Washington Post : ِAl-Qaeda is becoming more powerful in Syria
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" Washington Post" Newspaper said that while al-Qaeda is becoming more powerful in Syria  , moderate opposition leaders are expressing interest in a political settlement . Raw materials for peace negotiations are available , but the hatred and sectarian's forces  and political deadlock looks stronger.

According to an intelligence report , " Daash " consists of five thousand and five hundred foreign fighters , who handle sensitive operations . They  are recruited from their homeland . Once they arrive to Syria , they  are  equipped with bombing devices , threatening anyone who dares to confront them .


The newspaper considered that the most dangerous and barbaric , according to the report , the two hundred and fifty Chechens , located on the outskirts of Aleppo , in addition to about two thousand young fighters who are ideology recruited , most of them  are from northern Syria , and fifteen thousand who support group because of fear or greed , according to the document .

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