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Western diplomats in Damascus ... The repentance fruits have ripen
Western diplomats in Damascus ... The repentance fruits have ripen
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Syria hadn't cut relations with other countries , but they decided to do that " said Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister "Faisal Miqdad" in June last year after Damascus expelled a number of foreign diplomats ,  especially ambassadors of the United States , France, Britain and Turkey in response to a similar procedure carried out by these countries .

Today France has sent two agents to meet " Ali Mamlouk " head of Syrian National Security Office to ask him resuming old relations between Syrian and French intelligence agencies. Mamlouk respond to the French initiative that " it’s impossible as long as the French embassy in Damascus is closed " , despite the fact that France is one of the hard-liners countries within the alliance of anti Syrian regime. A diplomatic source told FPA about secret visits carried out by European ambassadors to Damascus headed by Acting European Union mission to Damascus , he said that " since May we began to return gradually to Damascus , once, then twice , then three days a week  , and now we go to Damascus once or twice a month  ".

Many countries are worried of the Europeans jihadists coming to their countries after they fought in Syria . The " The diplomat said that the presence of more than a thousand jihadist from Europe to Syria worries the countries from which these jihadist came  . President al-Assad warned the European countries of that threat in last June, stressing that Europe will pay for supporting militants in Syria and it will suffer many negative results that will reach European countries . The risk of jihadists awakened chairman of the Intelligence Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives " Michael Rogers " , so he declared that several U.S citizens are fighting alongside the extremists in Syria , and that some of those jihadists returned to their countries , saying that "the violence that has invaded Syria will spread in the whole region , as its effects begun to appear in Lebanon , Iraq, Jordan and Turkey  " , What's next ?

Thousands of citizens from European countries and the United States along with the jihadists groups in Syria isn’t a secret anymore , although it wasn’t a secret from the beginning of the crisis , and the problem is that these countries had ignored the Syrian warnings and the reports provided by the U.N Syrian delegation about the numbers of jihadists coming from the east and west to Jihad in Syria .  Today things start to dramatically change .  According to the report sent by Ankara yesterday to the European capitals , the Turkish authorities deported about 1100 European citizen who tried to sneak through Turkish territory to Syria to join al- Qaeda . This report refers to the serious outlook newly adopted by European countries and Turkey regarding the serious threat and danger caused by these fighters in case they return to their country . The report also noted to the cooperation between Ankara and European countries via the " Interpol " on the suspected jihadists .

West today began to cooperate with Damascus to coordinate issues relating to fighting terrorism , and the " global jihad " called by Abu Musab al-Suri began to worry many countries . Many  jihadist  were listed on blacklisted such as the leader of al-Qaeda’s leader " Ayman al-Zawahiri” , al-Nusra front’s leader " Abu Mohammed Joulani", and Daash’s leader "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi" .

On the other side , Saudi Arabia is still unaware of its scheme plan aiming to change the regime in Syria whatever the results are . The Saudi fighters lead the " jihadist scene " in Syria , the first of them were from " Qassim "  who called to topple the kingdom princes, and after arresting them , they were released to join the jihadists in Syria , such as  " Mohammed al-Talk "  who was killed five days after entering Syria .  Many Saudi Arabian " fighters " from the first class in the Kingdom as universities’ professor  , advocates , notaries , as well as military officers from the Saudi army , such as " Adel Naif Al-Shammari " who was killed in Deir Attiya .  

According to " al-Hayat"  Lebanese newspaper , U.S intelligence official in a meeting with Bandar bin Sultan warned of the Syrian crisis and its impacts on the Gulf countries , saying  " the fragile situation in the Gulf could explode at any moment , we must be vigilant to get out of this crisis with minimal losses " . Even Jordan reacted fast with these currents developments and began preparing a security campaign against the jihadists in Syria in cooperation with Damascus . According to diplomatic source , Amman has asked the Americans to intervene in relieving the Saudis pressure practiced on Jordan to discourage it from changing its position. But what’s next ?

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