From Maloula to Yabrood ... 12 nuns abducted by militants
From Maloula to Yabrood ... 12 nuns abducted by militants
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Syrian Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning breaking " Takla " Monastery in the town of Maloula and detaining head of the monastery  " Blajaa Sayyaf "  with a number of nuns who work in the monastery . According to Vatican Radio , 12 Orthodox nun were obliged to leave their monastery in the historic center of Maloula which was  seized by militants in Syria . The radio quoted the papal ambassador in Syria  Monsignor "Mario Zenara" that " 12 Syrian and Lebanese nun  are missing ".

The papal ambassador said , "it seems that the jihadists took the nuns to Yabrood " adding  " We don't know the reasons for this action committed by the militants ".  He considered it " a kidnapping  scheme to control the monastery in order to dominate Maloula ".

" Al-Mayadeen" Channel also confirmed the abduction of 16 Lebanese and Syrian nuns from ST Takla monastery to Yabrood .

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