Palestinians protest " Prafr " Israeli plan
Palestinians protest " Prafr " Israeli plan

" Above my land .. Prafr won't pass " the slogan the Palestinians adopted in their demonstrations against " Prafr " Israeli plan, which aims to displace more than 70 thousand Palestinians  , in addition to confiscate more than 800 acres of land in the Palestinian Negev .

These demonstrations turned into confrontations between the Palestinians and the Israeli police, who attacked the demonstrators and arrested a number of them .

Protests against "Prafr " scheme is headed by youth movement  in the territory of 48 , which was a confrontation's centers in the Negev , Haifa and Ramallah . The 30th of November was selected as a day of anger against the project , which is a process of ethnic cleansing targeting the Arabs in the Negev .

 This project was planned and codified by the Israeli right-wing in the Knesset .

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