lawsuit against "Fabius" in charges of complicity with militants in Syria
lawsuit against "Fabius" in charges of complicity with militants in Syria
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French lawyers filed a lawsuit before the Court of Justice of the Republic "CJR" against French Foreign Minister "Laurent Fabos" on charges of " complicity with the militants in Syria ".

One of the lawyers said that the lawsuit was filed ​​at the request of three Syrians for crimes that affected their families . Some of them lost his father and three of his brothers  and his wife and his four children were kidnapped last August during an attack by militants on the villages of Latakia's countryside.

According to the lawyer , the charge of complicity include " provocation " by statements made by Fabius , who encouraged violations and legitimize them according to the lawyer himself .The law suit  was based on the statements made ​​by Fabius when he asked the Europeans on 14th last March " to lift the arms embargo so that the resistance can defend themselves ", in addition to his statement on 22th August after the use of chemical weapons in Gota , when he encouraged  for a reaction against the regime that accused him of using chemical weapons .

French Court of Justice, confirmed it has received the lawsuit , and it will be referred to the petitions Committee in order to be studied  by a group of judges to decide the possibility of accepting the lawsuit .

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