"Time" nominates al- Assad ,Putin , Obama and Sisi for "Person of 2013"
"Time" nominates al- Assad ,Putin , Obama and Sisi for "Person of 2013"
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" Time" America Magazine published on its website a list of 42 nominees for " Person of 2013 " , including Russian President "Vladimir Putin" , Barack Obama and Syrian President "Bashar al-Assad" , Egyptian Defense Minister "Abdel Fattah al-Sisi" and a former employee of American NSA "Edward Snowden" .

American singer Miley Cyrus got the largest number of visitors' votes so far , as Turkish Prime Minister "Recep Tayyip Erdogan" and Sisi and Snowden ranked third , fourth and fifth respectively. Al-Assad and Putin ranked seventh and eighth respectively , while Obama, who was Personality of the Year in 2008 and 2012, ranked only 19 .

The list also includes Pope "Francis" and Iranian President "Hassan Rohani" and German Chancellor "Angela Merkel" and other countries' presidents and public figures .

It should be noted that the editorial board of " Time" choose a public figure , but leave to the audience the opportunity to vote for the most influenced personal from their point of view whether it is positive or negative . It has given "Personality of the Year" since 1927 , when the pilot "Charles Lindbergh" , who single-handedly across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in history .

In different years many figures won this title such as Franklin Roosevelt , Adolf Hitler , Joseph Stalin and George Bush. In 2007 it selected Russian President "Vladimir Putin" as " Person of the Year" , and in 2011 it was awarded to " the demonstrator ".

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