Miqdad:  The opposition lives in a different era , against democracy and elections
Miqdad: The opposition lives in a different era , against democracy and elections
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Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister "Faisal al-Miqdad" , in an interview with "CNN", said  that the Syrian opposition " rejects democracy" and is " afraid of what people want " ,  ruling out the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad , saying that the captain of the ship can't leave it when there is a turbulent storm .

Miqdad  said in an exclusive interview to CNN in Damascus ,  " I think that the opposition lives  in a different era , these people come from the Middle Ages . They are against democracy and elections , as they are against our territorial integrity and the unity of the Syrian people . The captain can't abandon his ship when sailing in the depths of the sea ".

Responding to a question about the possibilityof al-Assad stepping down during " Geneva -2 " conference,  Miqdad said  " we are ready to talk about any subject, but we can't leave a vacuum in Syria that could cause disintegrating the country and spreading chaos everywhere , and our decision is to put everything that we agree upon for referendum in front of the Syrian people , because the Syrian people is the owner of the final decision of the whole process ".

About the opposition questioning the credibility of such a referendum , Miqdad said " they ( the opposition ) are afraid of the people and  his decision . They know they suffer isolation and that Syrian people isn't with them ".

Regarding the opposition's demands which it claims " fair and logical " in order to participate in the conference , such as releasing political prisoners and allowing humanitarian aid to the besieged areas , Miqdad said " we must discuss these issues and put the finishing touches in the context of maintaining spirit of  the law and order in the country ".

He concluded by saying  " regarding the humanitarian aid .. Terrorist groups that prevented the United Nations from entering these areas must be blamed".


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