Syrian refugees .. Victims of sexual harassment in Lebanon
Syrian refugees .. Victims of sexual harassment in Lebanon
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" Human Rights Watch " Organization published a report about testimony from Syrian  refugees who had been subjected to sexual harassment in Lebanon by employers and homeowners , and even employees of a religious association distributing aids .

The organization explained that it had conducted interviews with 12 women who described how they were physically assaulted and harassed and pressured  on to have sex  without  reporting authorities about such incidents because they feared retaliation from their offenders or being arrested because they don't have the required documents .

" Leisel Girentoltz " Director of women's rights division of Human Rights Watch confirmed that " women who run away from death and destruction in Syria should find a safe haven and not be exposed to sexual abuse in Lebanon  ".

A 53-year -old refugee from Damascus , called Hala, told Human Rights Watch that she was sexually harassed in nine out of ten homes she worked  in to take care of herself and her four children .

Human Rights Watch, urged the Lebanese authorities and the United Nations to improve the protection of refugees and help them to report any violations . It also urged donor countries to increase their funding for housing , food and health care for Syrian refugees to minimize the chances of being exploited .

Girentoltz said " government agencies need to be ware of sexual harassment and exploitation of these refugee and do whatever is possible to stop it " .

The organization called the governments of Brazil, China , Russia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE - which their contributions to the request of the United Nations to help refugees were at the minimal level - to increase their funding to meet the basic needs of the Syrian refugees .

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