Miqdad: Syria welcomes appointing "Geneva-2" date
Miqdad: Syria welcomes appointing "Geneva-2" date
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Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister " Faisal al-Miqdad ",  in a politician interview at the University of Damascus , said that Syria welcomes the decision of announcing the date of  international conference on Syria in January 22th by Secretary -General of the United Nations , stressing that  only the Syrian people make.


Miqdad added " the first priority of our participation in the conference is to preserve the unity of Syria 's land and people and to eliminate terrorism, which kills dozens of lives every , there are shells falling over the universities, schools and homes ".


He stressed that Syria will participate at Geneva Conference by an official delegation that represents the Syrian state and holds the directives and instructions of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad , stressing that the Syrian people alone decide their own future and leadership .


Miqdad also stressed that "Syria has its contacts and diplomatic relations with countries , where there are 43 diplomatic missions in Syria and isn't isolated as some had said , noting that there are contacts to reopen many embassies in Damascus as most of the Syrian embassies abroad are open  except in the countries who don't want to open them.


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