Syrian Foreign Ministry issues a statement about "Geneva-2"
Syrian Foreign Ministry issues a statement about "Geneva-2"
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Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants issued a statement today  stressing that " Syria will take part in Geneva-2 Conference by an official delegation representing the Syrian state and equipped with directives of President al-Assad and demands of the Syrian people , particularly the elimination of terrorism " .

The statement added that " the statement of the French and British Foreign Ministers and other Arabs that there is no place for al-Assad in the transitional phase is unrealistic at all ". The Ministry of Foreign Affairs  called those countries to remember that the eras of colonialism had gone and will never return  at all , and if those countries insisted on their fantasies  , they don't need to attend Geneva-2  Conference because our people will not allow anyone to steal its legitimate right in determining their future and leadership  ". 

The statement pointed to the awareness of the Syrian people , who declined the U.S military intervention in Syria , and stressed that " the basis for Geneva-2  Conference is achieving  interests of the Syrian people not those who supported terrorists to kill him".

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