A new alliance of Islamic groups establish an " Islamic state"
A new alliance of Islamic groups establish an " Islamic state"
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Islamic Front - a new alliance of Islamist armed opposition groups in Syria - issued yesterday a charter entitled " nation project", saying that it's a political military organization that aims to build an Islamic state in which the law of God prevailed .


The Charter added that achieving the front's objectives despite what it called international Betrayal , will only be completed  through activating the armed military movement , explaining that the front rejects secularism because it " separates religion from life and society and turning it into rituals , customs and traditions , and this is contradicts Islam , which regulates the affairs of individual , society and the state . we also reject the  civil state ".

The Charter added that the front also rejects "democracy and parliaments because they are based on legislation as a right to make people choose their own representative and  institutions , while in Islam the judgment is for God , and this doesn't mean that we want a new authoritarian totalitarian regime , but the Islamic nation should apply Shura principle in order to become a powerful state".


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