Idris : "al-Hr" militia wasn't  consulted about  "Geneva -2"
Idris : "al-Hr" militia wasn't consulted about "Geneva -2"
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"Al-Hr" Chief of Staff "Salim Idriss" , said that the atmosphere isn't suitable to hold "Geneva- 2" Conference at the time in which it was identified , declaring that al-Hr won't stop fighting at all during the conference or after or before it .

 In a television interview , Idriss stressed that effectiveness figures  of the Syrian opposition should participate in "Geneva- 2"  , noting that "no one asked al-Hr about its stance of "Geneva -2" , and what comes from Geneva we hear from the news agencies and no one asked us for our delegation , which is totally unacceptable" .

Idriss refused "al-Hr militia"  participation in the conference if  it doesn't receive any offers  leading to achieve requirements of the dialogue , saying that what strengthens the armed opposition 's stance is to get ammunition and weapons , thus the position of the opposition's  delegation participating in the Geneva  will be stronger .

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