Obama: Geneva paves the way to reach a comprehensive agreement
Obama: Geneva paves the way to reach a comprehensive agreement

American President "Barack Obama" told a news conference after reaching an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program , that this agreement is the first step , and a very important step on the road to sign a comprehensive agreement on Iran's nuclear program .


 Obama said that Washington "  won't impose new sanctions on Iran and will facilitate Iranian government to the get prohibited resources because of the sanctions  " , adding  " if Iran doesn't meet its obligations during the next six months , the United States will stop easing sanctions and will step up the pressure " . Obama said that Iran will not be able to use the next generation of its centrifuges under the nuclear deal , emphasizing the agreed terms will prevent Iran of making any possible nuclear weapons.

John Kerry said that agreement will significantly reduce the possible acquisition of Iranian nuclear weapons , stressing that Iran will increase its stockpile of enriched uranium and will not build new reactors.

The agreement includes dropping the sanctions imposed on Iran and recognizing its right to enrich uranium , in return Iran will continue to enrich uranium and produce it under  5% in the next six months , in addition keep the enriched uranium inside Iran.


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