Detained Syrian refugees in Egypt  began hunger strike
Detained Syrian refugees in Egypt began hunger strike
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An official at the High Commission for Refugees in the United Nations , told "AFP" that about 50 Syrian and Palestinian refugees began hunger strike  yesterday protesting aginst detaining them in Egypt for trying to emigrate to Europe . "AFP" said they refused to eat their daily food in order to send a message to improve their arrest conditions ".

  Regional Representative of U.N High Commissioner for Refugees "Mohamed Dheere" explained that the Syrians and Palestinians detainees " must pay for their traveling card in order to return to Syrian or any neighboring country or they will be jailed for an indefinite period "

 Human rights organizations have repeatedly denounced arresting several young children with their parents during recent weeks and months in Egypt . According to "Human Rights Watch" , more than 1,500 people who have fled from Syria , are detained in Egypt , including 250 children

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