Syrian government ready to facilitate delivering humanitarian aids
Syrian government ready to facilitate delivering humanitarian aids
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Russian Foreign Ministry issued a satatement confirming the willingness of the Syrian authorities to take additional measures to facilitate the transportion of humanitarian aid to all those in need, and to develop its cooperation with international humanitarian agencies and non-governmental organizations , in order to alleviate the sufferings of civilians .

  Russian Foreign Ministry noted that "it is important that all participants in delivering humanitarian aid to the Syrian people, adhere to their obligations stemming from international humanitarian law in accordance with Security Council resolutions on humanitarian aid " .

 Russion Foreign Ministry ruled out exploiting the humanitarian assistance file as a political pressure way on the Syrian government , adding that " thousands of people have been deprived of food , fuel , electricity and medicines as a result of the ongoing fighting operations and blocking ways by insurgents " , pointing to the areas surrounded by militants , especially northern Kurdish areas east of the country .

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