Al-Assad: Saudi team wants to destroy Syria
Al-Assad: Saudi team wants to destroy Syria
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Members of Lebanese parties' delegation who met President Bashar al - Assad with a delegation from the Arab parties, stressed that Syria will participate in " Geneva- 2 " , adding  " we will not give in to any pressure to halt the military operation , we will face the plot until the end".

al-Assad ruled out  any settlement in terrorism , stressing that Syria is forced to defend itself against the takfirists who affect the Syrian people , accusing a group in Saudi Arabia , led by Prince Bandar bin Sultan and Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal , of working to topple the Syrian state and sponsoring terrorism to destroy Syria because it  supports resistance.

al – Assad asked  to working first in " Geneva- 2 " and stop sending militants to Syria and supporting and al-Qaeda , which leads the confrontations.

He talked about the great achievements made ​​by the Syrian army in the field , particularly in Damascus and Aleppo  as Lebanese call  it Qalamun  , indicating that expelling militants from  Qarah is the beginning of the ongoing military process which will not stop, stressing that fundamentalist thought  must be faced  by National awareness, saying " what happened in Syria wasn't entirely  caused by foreign conspiracy , there were interior mistakes, but terrorists didn't want to address the mistakes , but to destroy Syria and bring it down and it national  role and this is what they're doing now with external support , and the government responded to people demands at the beginning but the terrorists exploited demands in their favor" .

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