Mekdad : French diplomacy is shameful
Mekdad : French diplomacy is shameful
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 Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad after his meeting with his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir Abdulahian in Moscow , said "we discussed durin the meeting aspects of Geneva Conference and our bilateral relations and the future of both Syrian and Iranian file " , asserting that "the are matching views between Syria and Iran ."

 Mekdad explained that Israel is plotting to tensify the reginol atmosphere and hindering the peaceful solution in which Syria believe in Syria through Geneva conference or through successful negotiations that were on the right track until French government adopt the Israeli positions in the recent negotiations , saying: "It is shameful that  w French policy degenerated to these low levels of performance and that reflects the failure of these policies in presenting the ambitions and aspirations of the French people , this blatant policy stood against peace in the region in all its dimensions . "

 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants said, "we are working together to face our common enemies and to assure that we and the Islamic Republic of Iran will   work to ensure respecting the sovereignty and independence of our countries and to defend the rights of our peoples in the region in the face of Israeli ambitions and western through colonial attempts to dominate this region and we will stand against it and we will win by God willing . "

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