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Syrians on Facebook .. Daash lovers
Syrians on Facebook .. Daash lovers
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I can't sleep because Daash my lover is waking me up

In the latest Syrian fan on Facebook , the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant turned from an atrocious beheading phenomenon.. into " funny" jokes.
It's the amazing ability of the Syrian people to adapt to the harshest circumstances .. because of their inherent sense of humor.

The story began with " Daash loving songs " , to the latest " Daashist " slangs which went viral  on Syrian parody Facebook pages, and Daash of course is the hero .

" Daashiat " page which  its supporters announced  it's a  " live and direct account to daash ideas " offering language lessons from the "infidel " ideas as it claims : Facebook = face of the book, BlackBerry= black berries (as planet and not as a smart phone)  , I phone = I'm a phone ,  Bluetooth= the tooth colored blue , iPad= I'm bad.

Page " Sorry my girlfriend , Daash is my life ," become an encyclopedia including the latest " Aldaashist romance  slangs " . One example is : my heart had broken.. the beatiful chick is an original Daashist or Muslim brothers made in Qatar.

" 2014 Daashiat " which is the latest version of " Aldaashiat " discovered that listening to Majeda al-Romi the singer isn't not permissible , because she is a descendent of the infidel Romans and  Byzantines .

Syrians shared on their Facebook's accounts , funny  list of " Daash " ministries' names :

- Communicating Ministry with the infidels (The Foreign Minister)

- Ministry of apostasy and punishment  ( Justice Minister )

- Ministry of backbiting and gossip (Telecommunications Ministry )

- Animals Ministry (transportation Ministry )

-  Asking God Help Ministry ( Planning Ministry)

- Praying for rain Ministry (Irrigation Ministry)

- The Ministry of lamps and lanterns (Ministry of Electricity)

Mocking  the incident in which Daash beheaded one of it fighters in Aleppo " by mistake " , Syrians launched the slogan :

Sorry to cut your head .. We are working to send you directly to heaven.


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