12th December, a new date for "Geneva-2"
12th December, a new date for "Geneva-2"
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U.S Secretary of State John Kerry, told his French counterpart Laurent Fabius that Washington and Moscow are seeking to hold "Geneva-2" on 12th next December, after announcing that date officially by the U.N Secretary General Ban Ki-moon .

A Syrian source told "the nation" newspaper that there are ongoing contacts with the Russian side to discuss the details and the procedure of the conference date, stressing the readiness of Damascus to unconditionally participate in the negotiations , and pointing out that " the main aim of the Syrian participation in Geneva is to stop terrorism and the  tragedies Syrian people are suffering such as murder , crime and systematic destruction of the infrastructure , in addition to stop the flow of insurgents , their finance and training from different countries ".


A Western diplomat source confirmed that" the opposition coalition  is still setting out conditions and obstacles to Geneva , which would complicate things more than they are now, leading to the failure of the conference".


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