United States and Israel prevented from voting in UNESCO
United States and Israel prevented from voting in UNESCO

 U.S and Israel won't be able to vote in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization " UNESCO " .

This decision announced on Friday in Paris, because the two countries didn't pay their dues for two years. The United States stopped paying its dues to protest  UNESCO decision to declare Palestine a member in the organization two years ago, Israel also declined to repay its debts to the organization for the same reason .

The United States contributes 22 % of the total budget of the Organization which is 80 million dollars a year . This caused the UNESCO to reduce the expenses of the international organization and its fear from crisis that limit their activities at the global level.

  Washington 's ambassador to UNESCO David Killion in response to a question , told "Reuters" that Washington considered UNESCO " an important partner in creating a better future " , adding , " we intend to continue our partnership with UNESCO in every possible way ."

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