Palestine indicts Israel of killing Arafat
Palestine indicts Israel of killing Arafat

 Palestinian Authority yesterday accused Israel by assassinating the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, after receiving the results of tests conducted on samples of his remains , and demanded France to deliver its report in this regard.

The Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry in the death of Palestinian President Arafat Major General Tawfiq Tirawi at a press conference in Ramallah in the West Bank , said that " Israel is the first ,primary and the only defendant in the case of Arafat assassination "  , adding that " all the Israeli leaders and military , security and political official , including the head of the Israeli leadership" . He pointed out that the reports received by the authority confirms that Arafat " didn't die because of advanced age , nor beacuse of  disease nor by a natural death" .

 Concerning the rumors that members of Arafat 's inner circle killed him, Tirawi denied it , calling it ' bad rumors ' , stressing that the Commission deals only with the facts and evidence. He said, " we emphasize that the Commission has the data and evidence, and these evidence and results match our theory about Arafat assassination" . He added, " we are closer to the truth ... we will continue the investigation to search and confirm the details" .

He said that the investigation committee which he leads conducted " meetings and investigations with thousands of Palestinians and non-Palestinians inside and outside the Palestinian territories to find out which tool used by Israel" .

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