Arresting Salafists in Jordan trying to go Syria
Arresting Salafists in Jordan trying to go Syria
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Salafi movement in Jordan announced that the Jordanian security services have arrested 3 of its elements for supporting "Nusra Front " fighting in Syria against the government .

A senior commander in the salafi movement, told an agency that "the Jordanian security services arrested last Saturday 3 Mujahideens of our members , trying to go to the Syrian southern city of Daraa , to participate in the fighting against government forces ".

The Jordanian security services has recently launched a mass arresting campaign in the ranks of Jihadist Salafist movement  in Amman , Zarqa and Irbid ( north jordan) , resulted arresting  of about 20 elements of the Jihadist Salafist movement , who were planning to go to the city of Daraa in south Syria to fight the government forces.

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