Jamil : I'm not maneuvering .. I have contacts with the Coalition
Jamil : I'm not maneuvering .. I have contacts with the Coalition
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Syrian dismissed Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Kadri Jamil denied defecting the Syrian regime , declaring he was " relieved of his choice to leave the government , because now he can maneuver freely", adding "I have used the margins granted to me , but I 've recently expand it , as I've to step forward to increase my freedom at work".

These remarks came in an interview with " Le Figaro" French newspaper , in which Kadri also announced that he was returning to Damascus after the end of his meetings in Moscow . He said " my leaving wasn't a maneuver carried out by the referee , as rumored , but my goal is to participate in Geneva 2 in a pluralized opposition .


Answering a question about his contacts with the "opposition coalition" , he said "Since a long time, I had informal personal contacts with the leaders of the National Coalition , some of them are old friends. About his relationship with the Syrian government Jamil confirmed that" a large number of ministers are my friends, and understand my position, but on the other hand I don't have any contact with the presidency ".

Regarding his meeting with Ambassador Robert Ford in Geneva on October 26 , He announced that his meeting with Ford came as a member of the Liberation Front . whether Syrian President Bashar al-Assad might be a part of the transition period, Jamil said "if we want this stage to succeed , Bashar al-Assad should be involved in the transition process that will be built in Geneva, and at the end of the decision - making process, leaving the government or the possibility of his candidacy in the presidential elections in the next year might be discussed " .


At the end of his interview with the newspaper Jamil emphasized the need of all Syrian components' participation in Geneva to end this tragedy .

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