Saudi Arabia increase its support for insurgents in Syria
Saudi Arabia increase its support for insurgents in Syria
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" Washington Post " newspaper  quoted unanimous Gulf sources information about Gulf countries' desire to strengthen military support to the insurgents in Syria , led by Saudi Arabia away from coordinating with United States, which failed to launch a military strike against Syria.

The newspaper added that these countries provided armed insurgents with weapons since the fighting began in Syria in cooperation with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency , which helped in training and arming the insurgents . But those countries became hopeless of the United States and instead Saudis plan to expand the training facilities that they manage in Jordan and increase arming militants who face hardline opposition in addition to confronting the Syrian army .

The newspaper  also quoted " today opinion " Jordanian newspaper reliable sources that Bandar bin Sultan, head of Saudi intelligence service, visited Jordan secretly to oversee training militants and arrange the arrival of modern weapons and transferring  them to the so-called "Army of Islam "  through Jordan. Salman bin Sultan, deputy defense minister and Bandar bin Sultan brother, coordinates field operations to send weapons and financial transfer to the opposition through a big office in Jordan

Turkey previously closed Saudi intelligence offices in its territory , so Saudi headed to Jordan as an alternative for Turkey.

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