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Al –Assad part of un completed understanding
Al –Assad part of un completed understanding
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Lakhdar Brahimi didn't say a single word in Syria about the fate of President Bashar al - Assad . If he said , he wouldn't be received from the Syrian presidency. The meeting was cordial , unlike the rigors meeting in the Foreign Ministry . He entered the palace , smiling , he didn't ask the president whether he would rerun to presidency because he knows the answer , so he said as Damascus says "the people decide " . Assad smiled , when he divert in his speech a little bit , Syrian Information Minister  was ready to accuse him  of manipualting the goal of his missionon.

Brahimi felt, as all Damascus' guests feel , that Assad speaks with alogic of force . Speaking to comply with the last speech of Sayed Hassan Nasrallah when he addressed the opponents , saying " grasp the current idea of dialogue opportunity; because the following  phase won't be in your best interests at the political and field level " .

Is actually the upcoming time can be considered the best ?

The story is bigger than a conflict between the Syrian authorities and its opposition and militants. Where circumstances changed in the region as a whole. We are facing a new drawing lines and alliances profiles . Search for the American Iranian rapprochement to understand everything , or  you will begin to understand the bigger thing . Noticed the following :
- U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, moderate and liberal pro- depth  as all his collogue to Israel , leads a delegation at the headquarters of U.S Congress to ease sanctions on Iran .
- Joe Biden , author of the theory of the division Iraq into three federations , receives with a large welcome Iraqi Prime Minister, Smiles in a lovingly phenomenon ( albeit artificial ) , pats Nuri al - Maliki 's shoulder like an old friend . Maliki seeks to expand the scope of cooperation with Washington , calling for a global front against terrorism, which destabilize his country .

Here, a very innocent question : Is the renewal of greater openness and cooperation between al-Maliki and the United States is isolated from the deep understanding between Iran and the Iraqi ally , and advance understanding between Tehran and Washington on sharing power in Iraq ? And less patent question : Is not worried Israel about Iranian-American rapprochement is encouraged by American allies to disrupt Maliki's task ?notice, for example, Alliot Engel , the most prominent representatives of Democratic Party in Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives and the fiercest opposition   against Arab issues while supporting Israel, says " after all what we've lost from blood to money in Iraq, Iran's influence there is greater than the impact of America " .

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry goes to Saudi Arabia. Trying to calm tempers . Riyadh is concerned , more than ever from disturbing changes in the region. Syrian file is important , but more important is the sense that the American - Iranian rapprochement may be strategic rather than transient.
6 years later , at latest , America will able to abandon  relying on the region's oil , why Americans thinks that a strong alliance with Iran ,  is more important than an agreement on peaceful nuclear program and ensured interests ?

Applies it to Syria. Syrian file is part of a deal package starts from finding a solution to the Iranian nuclear , going through sharing power in Iraq , include the future of the Syrian regime , to reach the peace process in the Middle East. Only the latter is still controversial dispute , will the rest  is making some progresses.

Note Robert Ford , U.S. ambassador who switched from a field commander in Syria to a peace dove , or to a repressor to oblige Syrian opposition go to Geneva. He said from Congress : "there will be a transition process only after the opposition raised proposals to be studied  by the Russians and the international community , to let them know what is the alternative . Alternative means Assad . It is intended , some pointed out , that there is no alternative at the moment. Yes , Ford is saying this .

- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif,  visits Turkey. Nominating  a good atmosphere between the two countries , which exchanged $ 11 billion annually. Deciding to take action to prevent sectarian strife . Obama's words to Malki echo "We must fight terrorism in the region and not only in Iraq" .

- fronts Ignite: the Houthis and Salafis in Yemen , Jabal Mohsen and Bab Tabani Way,  Bahrain. The bloody attack on the Iranian border guards at its border with Pakistan. Fighting rages in Syria. In most areas of tension there are features of the Iranian- Saudi conflict ... Is it a chance ?
It is a threading game variable and mutant , it titles will be fighting  against terrorism as a priority , especially after the Syrian chemical disarmament . There is nothing wrong if the Syrian regime remained within a package deal . This isn't a U.S. priority any more .

Revolutionary Guard stick to its slogan"Death to America " . Mr. Ali Khamenei , underlines the difficulty of improving confidence in America.  Washington says to Israel: We have not yet reach an understanding with Iran. Iranian oil minister criticizes Iraq. Syrian militants continuous supports decline . Russia attacks the opposition and its supporters . so we are at the beginning of understandings, and the road is still long .

Geneva 2 will be an important parameter  about deals ,alliances and understandings . Awaited .

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