Mansour: It's time to end the Syrians' suffering
Mansour: It's time to end the Syrians' suffering
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Lebanon Foreign Minister in the caretaker government Adnan Mansour , called to " do all efforts to provide appropriate environment for  guaranteeing the success of "Geneva-2" Conference .

Mansour said before leaving Beirut today heading to Cairo to participate in a conference of Arab foreign ministers at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo about the crisis in Syria ,  "the Syrian government has indicated its willingness to participate in this conference, but there must be also a consensus from the parties involved in the" opposition " and also from active states on the regional and international arena on the conference ".

He added , "We hope that the conference will be held at the earliest possible opportunity ", adding that the suffering the Syrian people endured during the past two years is large , so it's the time to end this suffering by finding a political solution to the Syrian crisis.

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